WP 120 in Standard Execution WP 200

Shown here are Alexanderwerk’s pharma and nutraceutical industry roller compactor and dry granulation workhorses WP120 and WP200

If for nothing else the Covid19 crisis has brought to light a greater sense of urgency for being able to boost local production of pharma and even nutraceutical products. Some of you may be struggling to keep up with production capacity in addition to a myriad of other manpower, supply chain, and logistics challenges.

One area where Alexanderwerk can assist you is with our rapid delivery program. Please see here Alexanderwerk rapid delivery inventory our inventory of our high quality Made in Germany roller compactors that can be at your site as fast as the freight providers can get it to you. Our technicians are able and willing to travel to your site helping commission the roller compactor and then also train your operators and maintenance folks so you can add more dry granulation capacity to your operation in record time.

Quality and performance of Alexanderwerk’s WP120 and 200 Pharma series roller compactors https://alexanderwerkinc.com/products/roller-compaction-pharmaceutical/ is legendary. Small size batches, up to 400Kg/hr production runs, and even continuous production is possible with the models Alexanderwerk has available. Remote trouble shooting is built into the controls come in handy when you are in a bind in today’s environment of complicated travel restrictions.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts using our Contact Us page https://alexanderwerkinc.com/contact-us/ or simply drop us a note at Compaction-AW@alexanderwerkinc.com

Not located in our geographic region, but you are looking for a rapid delivery for your plant? Check out your local representative here https://alexanderwerkinc.com/