At Alexanderwerk, we offer a number of products and services to help customers in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and chemical industries, among others. Our range of products includes a selection of roller compactors, dry and moist granulation equipment, and graters and shredders. Additionally, we offer several services to help our customers get the most from their equipment, including preventative maintenance, machine rentals, spare parts, and validation.

How the BT 120 Roller Compactor Works

The BT 120 roller compactor works in three main steps:


The feeding system begins by conveying powder and other raw materials to the compaction zone from the machine.


Following the feeding process, the compactor’s two counter-rotating rollers convert the raw material into flakes through compression, forming a homogeneous compound.


The next phase involves carefully milling the flakes using flake-crushers, which consist of slowly rotating knives. The crushed flakes then transfer into a size-reduction or two-stage granulation zone. From there, the compactor proceeds to further mill the flakes until they reach the ideal particle size.

Features of the BT 120 Roller Compactor

The BT 120 Pharma roller compactor comes with various features to allow for easy compaction, including the following:

  • LCD touch screen as an integrated operating unit
  • Screw feeder unit
  • Hopper for raw materials
  • Processing chamber with transparent cover and three star knobs for fast removal
  • Nozzle allowing for material discharge as flakes
  • A roller diameter of 120mm/4.724″
  • A roller width of 25mm/0.984″
  • Continuous operation and throughput of up to 8 kg/h
  • A maximum press force of 20 kN/cm
  • A maximum roller gap of 4mm
  • A maximum roller speed of 15 rpm
  • 425kg/937 lbs. approx. weight including control system
  • Dimensions: 1m x 0.6m x 0.9m orĀ 39.4″ x 35.3″ x 23.6″

Other Features of the WP 150

In addition to the BT 120 roller compactor, Alexanderwerk offers the WP 150 Pharma roller compactor for pharmaceutical applications. Some of the features of this roller compactor include:

  • 150mm/5.905″ roller diameter
  • 50mm/1.969″ roller width
  • Up to 150 kg/h continuous operation
  • 20 kN/cm maximum press force
  • 5mm maximum roller gap
  • 40 rpm maximum roller speed
  • 1,700kg/3,747.9 lbs. approx. weight including the control system
  • Dimensions: 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.8m or 59.1″ x 35.4″ x 70.9″

Benefits of the BT 120 Roller Compactor

One of the main benefits of the BT 120 is its ability to advance into galenics because of its compact size, highly integrated design, and up to 8 kg/hr throughput. In addition, the machine features integrated electrical compacting pressure control and generation, with precision roller drive resulting from the use of frequency inverters. It’s also possible to scale all process results to other types of Alexanderwerk roller compactors in our inventory.

BT 120 Roller Compactor from Alexanderwerk

For over 130 years, the industry experts at Alexanderwerk have emphasized inquisitiveness and innovation in every product and service. As a result, we’ve developed into industry leaders who continue to adapt to ever-changing restrictions and requirements.

If you require high-quality and consistently reliable roller compactors for pharmaceutical applications, we offer WP Pharma compactors as our core product offerings. Using these models, you can produce pharmaceutical products through efficient dry granulation and compaction processes.

For more information about our products, or to get started on your optimal compaction solution, contact Alexanderwerk today.