The WP200 Pharma Roller Compactor from Alexanderwerk meets the pharmaceutical industry’s most stringent standards for compacting pharmaceutical products. Alexanderwerk designs and engineers roller compaction solutions for the pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical, life science, and food markets. Our products include roller compactors, moist granulators, graters, shredders, and fine or rotary granulators. Alexanderwerk offers industry-leading training and seminars, validation, calibration, verification, and preventative maintenance programs. We also rent out machines and provide spare parts.

Learn more about how the WP200 Roller Compactor works, including its features and benefits.

How the WP200 Roller Compactor Works

The Alexanderwerk roller compactor uses patented technology to deliver improved feed control, uniformity, and utilization. It reduces waste from unused granules and losses during compacting by introducing them back into the raw material.

Vertical Roller Arrangements

The WP200 Roller Compactor uses vertical roller arrangements instead of plug screws to improve feed flow control without gravitational influences. It allows material losses in the side seal to be added back to the raw material. The compactor can also reduce fine material in the compacted product, improving batch composition and consistency.


Using the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder®, the WP200 Roller Compactor allows air to escape during compacting. Instead of the air interrupting feed uniformity as it escapes, the air flows in the opposite direction of the feed, allowing the screw to distribute material uniformly. The second hopper can also recycle undersized or oversized granules into the raw material.

Two-Stage Granulation

Sizing medium to hard products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries benefits from the WP200 Roller Compactor’s Diagonal-Design®. This patented two-stage granulator enhances the screen’s effectiveness, thus increasing capacity by up to 100%. It offers gentle granulation and raises throughput significantly, reducing costs and providing a higher quality product.

Features of the WP200 Roller Compactor

The Alexanderwerk WP200 Roller Compactor offers more throughput and consistency for pharmaceutical, food, and chemical processing applications. Here are its specifications:

  • Throughput range: 10 to 500 kg/h lactose
  • Roller diameter: 200 mm
  • Roller width: 75 mm
  • Roller gap: 5 mm
  • Maximum press force: 20 kN/cm
  • Maximum roller speed: 38 RPM

Interface for Comprehensive Control

The WP200 Roller Compactor uses a modern interface to stabilize and control continuous compacting processes. The automatic feed control maintains roller gap and compaction pressure despite physical fluctuations in the material. From the compactor interface, operators can adjust variables like roller RPM, compacting pressure, flake density, and throughput with high precision and repeatability.

Diagonal-Design® for Two-Stage Granulation

The WP200 Roller Compactor relies on the Diagonal-Design® two-stage granulation unit that offers pre-granulation and fine granulation to reduce pre-crushed flakes to a final product size with a predetermined tolerance. It can provide maximum utilization with gentle granulation.


Compacted products can leave the compactor as flakes, and oversized and undersized granules can create undesirable consistencies in the final product. The WP200 Roller Compactor’s pre-crushing feature breaks large flakes into smaller pieces for optimal processing.

Patented Screw Feeding via Combi-Vent-Feeder®

The WP200 Roller Compactor relies on the Combi-Vent-Feeder® to collect displaced air in the second hopper chamber to prevent feed interruptions and provide feed uniformity. If needed, the second chamber can redirect oversized and undersized granules back into the raw material. A vacuum system can assist the feeder in reducing product residue inside the screw casing to improve the processing of fluidized, low bulk density products.

Individualized Compaction Unit

The WP200 Roller Compactor relies on position transducers to measure roller compactor flake thickness and keeps it constant with a gap control unit in the individualized compaction unit. The hydraulic system can adjust the pressure force or compaction, and the screw speed compensates for bulk weight fluctuations. We offer various roller combinations to deliver maximum compaction and slide seals to prevent leakage depending on the roller pattern.

Benefits of the WP200 Roller Compactor

The WP200 Roller Compactor provides complete control and stability to the operator, even during continuous processing. Its automatic feeder provides consistent compaction and roller gap pressure as it adapts to physical material changes. Precision adjustment allows operators to change the rollers’ throughput, flake density, compaction pressure, and RPMs using the advanced touch-screen interface. The WP200’s cantilever roller design enables simple disassembly without specialized equipment, for efficient sanitization and changeover.

WP200 Roller Compactor From Alexanderwerk

The WP200 Roller Compactor is an optimal solution for producing consistent, high-quality products with less cost and waste. Using Alexanderwerk’s patented technology, it offers continuous operation and easy cleaning between changeovers.

Alexanderwerk has worked with leading chemical processing, nuclear technology, life science, food processing, and pharmaceutical partners to develop superior compaction and dry granulation solutions. Our product development and engineering professionals offer end-to-end support from design to production to installation.

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