Natoli seminar group photo

Alexanderwerk would like to thank Natoli Engineering for the opportunity to participate in Natoli’s Scientific Tablet Development and Scale Up Training Seminar (April 20-22, 2021) in Telford, PA.  What a breath of fresh air for attendees to be able to do this in person – of course using current pandemic social distancing guidelines.

Al Friedrich explains dry roller compaction and granulation

This seminar covered many steps of tablet production, including milling, blending, granulation, tableting, coating, powder rheology, and excipient selection.  Alexanderwerk Inc’s topic of this informative seminar was the critical step of granule preparation, prior to tableting through the use of dry granulation technology using Alexanderwerk’s WP series roller compactor.  If interested in any of these topics, please reach out to Alexanderwerk or Natoli for more information. Looking forward to the next seminar.