Alexanderwerk Sales Force

Matt Walczer and Al Friedrich from Alexanderwerk Inc

Our Al Friedrich and Matt Walczer recently wrote an article about how a roller compactor can be configured to properly and consistently provide a homogeneous powder blend during the granulation process. Additionally, the article covered in more detail how internal tests conducted at Alexanderwerk were used to help recycle fines screened out during the granulation process and re-introduced during the compaction process.

Alexanderwerk has a very attractive solution that features a metered material flow back into its CombiVent chamber in the roller compactor’s feed hopper. Reintroducing off-size recycled granules using such a dual chamber feed hopper design delivers efficient mixing and homogeneous distribution during the granulation process. Check out the results in this article in the latest version of Powder Bulk Engineering here on page 35:

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