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Our CEO Dr. Alexander Schmidt always says it best: “We aspire to be the compaction and granulation buddy from next door – we are a compaction family” We love to collaborate with our customers. In order to make it even easier to do that we have deployed a “Schedule a Call” tool right on our Contact Us web page.

Do you find your own lab and R&D to be behind schedule? Do you have a granulation challenge, e.g. bulk density, PSD particle size distribution, or a specific shape you want to achieve? Do you have a challenging material, e.g. fumed silica, CBD, isolate, etc? Do you have an issue with fines in your granulate? Do you want to upscale production? Do you need a specific operator protection and product containment system? Are you in need of a rental machine? There may be countless other reasons for you needing to speak with a dry roller compaction and granulation specialist.

Here you can schedule either a 15 minute discovery talk, or even a lunch-and-learn event. Both will schedule the time with your key Alexanderwerk subject matter specialist and a calendar appointment will automatically be sent your way. Wait no longer and schedule your call now.

We welcome you to our compaction family.


PS: We are also ready to collaborate with you elsewhere in the world