Natoli training flyer

What you need to know for successful cannabis tablet production? That is the key question our partner Natoli Scientific will help answer during a 2-day-seminar on “Cannabis Oil, Powder Processing and Tablet Manufacturing Process”. Our experts from Alexanderwerk Inc. will support this premier hands-on training event covering #drygranulation of CBD powdered compounds.

Al Friedrich explains dry roller compaction and granulation

The seminar will take place at the Natoli Lab in Telford (Jan 25-26, 20222). Hurry up to get registered for this event as seats are limited. Register here:

Topics covered:

  • Tablet and tooling design fundamentals
  • Cannabis oil to powder conversion techniques
  • Formulation make-up for common tablet formats, including sublingual, effervescent, lozenge, orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), chewables
  • Powder micrometrics, powder flow, particle size and moisture content testing
  • Introduction to dry and wet granulation techniques
  • Tablet press set-up and operations
  • Tablet compaction profiles

Here is a link to the event’s brochure: