The Alexanderwerk WP 150 Pharma Roller Compactor is a production model that fulfills the highest standards and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Its front plate sealing system is custom-designed for maximum OEB5 containment and can produce a throughput of up to 250 kg/h of granulated product.

Alexanderwerk is an industry-leading provider of roller compaction, graters, shredders, moist granulation, and rotary or fine granulation solutions. Our services include validation, verification/calibration, preventive maintenance, training, and seminars. We also provide rental machines and spare parts as needed.

Learn more about the functions, features, and benefits of the WP 150 Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor.

How the WP 150 Roller Compactor Works

The Alexanderwerk WP 150 roller compactor has three key components that allow it to compact high volumes of pharmaceutical products with greater speed and efficiency.

Vertical Roller Arrangements

The rollers’ vertical arrangement allows the WP 150 to feed product horizontally, which increases control of feed flow without gravitational interference. This reduces fine material in the final product without impacting the quality and consistency of the batch.


Feeding is done using the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder® system, which features two chambers positioned in sequence right above the feeding screw. The raw product is fed to the first chamber via the feeding screw into the rollers. The displaced air from the compaction process escapes through the second chamber without affecting the feed. The second hopper can recycle undersized and oversized granules back into the raw material when needed.

Single-Stage Granulation

The food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries often use rotor screen granulators to size medium and hard products. Alexanderwerk’s patented granulator, Diagonal-Design®, has the capacity to increase throughput by up to 100% and enhance the efficiency of the screen.

Features of the WP 150 Roller Compactor

Here are the features of the WP 150 roller compactor:

  • Roller width: 50 mm
  • Roller diameter: 150 mm
  • Maximal pressure force: 20 kN/cm
  • Weight: about 1700 kg without control system
  • Weight control cabinet: about 400 kg
  • Maximum roller gap: 5 mm
  • Maximum roller speed: 40 RPM
  • Dimensions: about 1700 mm x 1340 mm x 1860 mm
  • Dimensions control cabinet: about 800 mm x 600 mm x 2100 mm
  • Continuous throughput: 150 kg/h (lactose)

Below we’ve also highlighted the features that make the WP 150 Pharma Roller Compactor a superior option compared to similar products on the market.

Interface for Comprehensive Control

The WP 150 Pharma’s advanced interface enables complete, continuous control of the roller gap and compaction pressure amidst physical changes in the product. Operators can also control flake density, throughput, roller RPM, and more.

Diagonal-Design® Single-Stage Granulation

The granulation unit in the Diagonal-Design® resizes pre-crushed flakes to the desired dimensions. This patented granulation technology uses gentle granulation and optimal screen utilization.


The primary function of the pre-crusher is to break large flakes into smaller flakes suitable for feeding to the downstream granulator.

Patented Screw Feeding via Combi-Vent-Feeder®

The Combi-Vent-Feeder® allows air to escape through the second chamber of the feed hopper during compaction. This avoids disturbing the feed and creates a uniform feed of raw material through the rollers. The second hopper can collect and direct oversized and undersized granules back into the raw material. When processing fluidized, low bulk density product, a vacuum in the feeding unit can maintain a minimal product layer inside the screw casing.

Individualized Compaction Unit

Position transducers measure the thickness of the compacted product. The desired consistency is kept constant by a roller gap control unit. Different roller combinations are available to achieve optimal compaction.

Benefits of the WP 150 Roller Compactor

There are many advantages to using the WP 150 roller compactor for pharmaceutical applications:

  • Compact design: The machine’s compact design consists of a low overall height and a control system integrated into an external control cabinet.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Its improved de-aeration capability enables the processing of more raw materials within any given timeframe, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Increased throughput: The front plate sealing system has a capacity of up to OEB5 containment and can efficiently deliver a granulated product throughput of up to 250 kg/h.

WP 150 Roller Compactor From Alexanderwerk

Innovation and inquisitiveness form the foundation of all we do at Alexanderwerk. For more than 130 years, these qualities have guided our objective to remain competitive in ever-changing industrial markets.

For our customers in the pharmaceutical market, the WP Pharma roller compaction series are ideal for a variety of pharmaceutical processing applications. Alexanderwerk’s roller compactors offer efficient compaction and dry granulation for most pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

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