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Backed by more than 130 years of experience, Alexanderwerk has established itself as a world leader in the production of compaction and granulation machines. With the latest technology, we serve our clients in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, CBD, food, chemical, & life sciences. In addition to new equipment sales, we offer machinery rentals and laboratory testing services.

With the recent growth in the health and wellness industry, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, comes an increased demand for nutraceuticals manufacturing. Nutraceuticals, including supplements and functional foods, are typically made from plants and animals and are used to treat and prevent illnesses. This industry is on the rise, with the global market expected to soar over the next decade. 

What is a Nutraceutical?

The word “nutraceutical” is a term covering a broad selection of products that promote general good health and wellbeing. Some of the most common examples of nutraceuticals would include vitamins and probiotics, though the category covers a much broader term of supplements.

Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceutical

Of note, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals are not the same thing. Some of the primary differences between these two products include:

  • Production volumes. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which are mass produced in high volumes for global distribution, nutraceuticals are often produced by small start-ups and in proof-of-concept quantities, or in mid-level production volumes. 
  • Availability. While pharmaceuticals require a prescription from a licensed medical professional, nutraceuticals are available to consumers over the counter.
  • Lifecycle. Nutraceuticals have a much faster speed-to-market compared to pharmaceuticals for a variety of reasons. Nutraceuticals tend to have much shorter production cycles, for starters. Additionally, pharmaceuticals require FDA approval, which can hold up product launches for years.

Examples of supplements

Solutions for Powder Material Flow

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies ultimately have the same production goal—developing a production process that allows them to get products to their end users more efficiently. Material flow processes often represent one of the largest roadblocks for manufacturing this type of product. 

Alexanderwerk offers machines that facilitate efficient powder flow during the production of tablets and capsules. Powder flow is an essential component in successful nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Efficient powder flow can impact numerous factors, including:

  • Production speed. Without proper powder flow, tablet presses may run significantly slower than expected.
  • Calidad. Reliable powder flow helps to ensure accuracy and consistency in dosage and weight across all tablets in the production run. 
  • Blending. Blending multiple powdered components relies heavily on efficient powder flow.

While some aspects of powder flow depend on the quality of the powdered material itself and the way in which it was stored, effective powder flow in nutraceutical manufacturing ultimately relies on using reliable, high-performance equipment. 

Premium Lab Services & Equipment Rentals for Nutraceutical Manufacturing

Working with us can simplify the process of getting your nutraceuticals to market. Our technology helps users achieve compliance by enabling them to produce consistent product quality in equipment that is designed to meet cGMP and pharmaceutical design standards. You can add the product to your lineup without interrupting or rearranging your current production schedule and without having to expand your facility. 

Alexanderwerk produces leading-edge compaction and granulation machinery. We serve companies of all sized companies who would like to bring a nutraceutical to market. We also offer a variety of supplementary services:

  • Test Lab. Experiment with our equipment to see what’s possible or supplement your capabilities.
  • Compaction Equipment Rental. For proof of concept testing or producing material for a clinical trial, renting the equipment is a cost-effective way to get started on an experimental project before investing in your own machinery. 

At Alexanderwerk, we’re committed to improving your production process and eliminating bottlenecks and productivity challenges with the latest technology. For more information, download our e-books, or you can contáctenos any time to request a quote