WP120 Pharma

As a global leader in compaction and granulation, Alexanderwerk develops industry-leading machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide testing facilities that provide our customers with state-of-the-art machinery in a quality-controlled environment.

Our new process testing suites allow our clients to expand their current production capabilities or test out our technology. Among the testing machinery and equipment we have available for onsite pharmaceutical roller compaction is the WP120. This blog post will go into detail about the WP120’s design features and capabilities.

The WP120 Pharma by Alexanderwerk

Alexanderwerk’s WP120 Pharma was designed to meet the stringent standards and requirements in pharmaceutical research and development. It works well in applications involving small batches and provides completely controlled production conditions when processing special products. It features a roller diameter of 120 mm and a standard roller width of 40 mm. It also has an optional MiniBatch production module with a roller width of 25 mm for amounts ranging from 50 grams to 8Kg as well as an optional MicroBatch module for small mounts (1-5 gramm). The WP120 supports a maximum roller speed of 15 rpm and is highly adaptable to the specifications of varying applications. 

The WP120 is designed to process as little as 5 g up to a maximum of 40 kg/h into granules of different sizes. Due to its modular design, the process technology can be disassembled without the need for special tools, which allows for easy cleaning and replacement of rollers. 

The WP120 features a mobile, compact design and was created as a portable unit to provide the highest degree of flexibility for the compaction process. Additionally, it allows previously determined process parameters to be easily scaled up to larger production machines. Machines such as the WP120 can be used for a wide variety of pharmaceutical roller compaction applications to produce products such as:

  • Tablets
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Capsules
  • Instant powders
  • Life science products

Functions & Features

The WP120 features an advanced interface for comprehensive control of the compaction process. This interface enables the operator to precisely adjust parameters such as flake density, throughput, and compacting pressure. Another key feature of the WP120 is Alexanderwerk’s patented Diagonal-Design two-stage granulation unit, which provides gentle granulation and can achieve the final size of the granules based on previously defined tolerances.  Some additional features of the WP120 include:

  • cGMP design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Throughput from 5 g to 40 kg/h
  • PLC control
  • Separation of the drives from the production area
  • Cantilever roller design ensures consistent compaction and granulation 
  • Fast clean up and roller exchange 
  • Feedback control loop for consistent processing
  • Reproducible scaleup and scale down capabilities
  • Compaction units are individualized with different roller combinations based on the application

The WP120 for pharmaceutical roller compaction has been updated with optional UL-rated controls in its interior. While previous models had been tailored for European markets, Alexanderwerk proudly supports reshoring initiatives in North American markets, as evident by our upgraded models. For additional information or questions regarding our machinery, please contact us today.