Alexanderwerk Inc installs LED lighting

Alexanderwerk’s dry roller compaction and granulation machines have a solid reputation for being energy efficient, reliable, and having very low overall life cycle costs. In addition to that, this technology is reported to use 10-15% of the energy of the alternative wet granulation technology. Our company prides itself with striving toward a goal of greater long term sustainability. Alexanderwerk has a long term sustainability strategy striving to lower the impact on our resources and the environment. At Alexanderwerk Inc we have already deployed a variety of sustainability measures:

  • None of our trash ends up in the landfill. Instead it is turned into energy by our waste and recycling company.
  • We recycle all cardboard, shipping materials, and of course all other standard recyclable materials.
  • We are pay close attention to minimizing waste water generation and capturing and then disposing of such in a responsible manner.
  • We feature a state of the art lab air treatment system that captures particulate so that it does not spread around our facility.
  • We follow Lean Manufacturing principles and are continually improving our value streams.
  • We strive to become a completely paperless organization.
  • We offer remote office work helping reduce commuting and thus lower carbon emissions.

Alexanderwerk Inc just recently audited its own energy usage. One major energy consuming line item was identified to be the fluorescent and HID lighting in office and warehouse. On average the newly installed LED lighting consumes an impressive 1/3 energy of the originally installed fluorescent and HID lighting. In addition to conserving energy the employees as well as visiting customers can now enjoy a much brighter and natural light like atmosphere – and we have become more environmentally friendly as well.

Photo: Krista Stapf, Estimator from PECO ally Centrica and Ralf Weiser, VP of Operations