RFG Series

Dry granulation is commonly used in many industries to alter the particle size and bulk density of materials. Replacing traditional wet granulation methods, roller compaction technology has several advantages by using the dry process, including speed of processing, lack of moisture introduction, precise control of the particle size faster process times, considerable less capital investment and considerable savings in energy consumption and floor space.

The patented RFG Series developed by Alexanderwerk Inc. is a modular attachment to a universal drive motor of the UM series, integrated with a quick release coupling that enables a variety of attachments to be mounted to the UM drive base, including a grater/shredder. Able to raise the capacity to 100%, the rotary fine granulator is designed for granulation of dry or slightly moist substances and meets all standard requirements for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries while yielding minimal fines generation and doubling throughput.  In addition, the mobile design provides great flexibility during compaction and allows for easy maintenance.

Technical data:

MachineRFG 150 DARFG 150 DSRFG 250 DRFG 250 DLRFG 250 DDL
Throughput, Continuous Operation
up to 400up to 400up to 1,500up to 3,000up to 4,500
Rotor Diameter
Approx. Working Length
Mesh Size
0.63 - 3.150.63 - 3.150.63 - 3.150.63 - 3.150.63 - 3.15
Approx. Dimensions incl. Mobile Machine Base
1,000 x 900 x 1,300800 x 350 x 500925 x 500 x 5001,300 x 500 x 5001,600 x 500 x 500